Coin Master 400 spin link and 800 spin links

Coin Master 400 spin link and 800 spin links
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Some people asked me if there’s a 400 spin link or 800 spin link out there that would allow getting 400 to 800 at a time. So, my answer is no, it’s not possible with regular free Coin Master spin links. The maximum that you can get with free spin links is about 70 spins. Maybe more, but I couldn’t get any.

However, you still can get 400 spins if you participate in Coin Master events. Go and check out some Coin Master events for 2019. We update the list as developers announce anything new.

What is the maximum spin reward by Coin Master with free spin links?

The biggest amount of free spins that I managed to get so far is 70 spins. It was on a special day when Coin Master game turned 3 years. The usual number of free spins is 10. But you can use several free spin links and get up to 50 spins in a day.

How do I get 400 or 800 spins and more?

There’s no way you could get 400 or 800 free spins from 1 link. Participate in the event and win free coins and spins without any links!


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