Coin Master events list for 2019

Coin Master events list for 2019
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Coin Master is an awesome game and I’m a big fan of it. The thing I like most is the events. Because they provide so many opportunities to get more rewards and free spins and coins!

You just have to complete the challenges that an event suggests and you’ll get plenty of great items. I compiled a full list of Coin Master events for 2019. Here it is:

  • Diamond Rush Tournament
  • Gift Master
  • Attack Madness
  • Raid Madness
  • Bet Blast
  • Village Master
  • Cards Boom
  • Cards for Chests
  • Gold Card Trade
  • Jackpot
  • Balloon Frenzy
  • Viking Quest (Queen’s Quest)
  • Set Blast

Let’s review each one in details

Diamond Tournament

It’s a multiplayer event where users compete with each other in groups of 50 players. The goal of the challenge is to beat all other players in the group and become the #1 player in the leaderboard.

To enter the tournament, each participant has to get diamonds first. One can earn them in Attacks or Raids.

Every win in the challenge will take you closer to the TOP list of Coin Master players.

Gift Master

There appears some new Coin and Spins packs with a special FREE GIFT icon which indicates a bonus. You buy the pack and receive a special reward which can be a combination of more free spins, coins, chests, pet XP an more.

Attack Madness

The event is divided into several stages. Every Attack on other Vikings’ villages brings you closer to the rewards of the event. You’ll see a progress bar after you enter it, even of the attacks are blocked.

Raid Madness

This one is the same as Attack Madness but it works with Raids. Just organize more raids and you’ll receive more rewards

Village Master

It’s just a simple celebration event. The only thing you should achieve to receive rewards is your gaming progress. The farther you are, the bigger the rewards.

Bet Blast

The Bet Blast Event blows your winnings out of proportion with higher Bets and bigger rewards!

Blast through Villages, Raid your friends, Attack your rivals – all with outrageous Bets and astronomical rewards! \


More information on each competition or event you can get at the Coin Master official website.

You don’t know what the next big event will be. It’s always a surprise, so subscribe to our notifications if you want to receive an update about new Coin Master events in 2019!

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  1. Very fun game 🤗 Gets my adrenaline flowing! I began playing this June and cannot stop 😁 Its that much fun Addictive for sure! Watch out for withdrawals 😂 😉

  2. I absolutely love this game! Everyday is an adventure and I’m greatful for links to get free spins and coins.
    Thank you!

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